This has icons and illustrations I like, but the library seems pretty limited and largely focused on UI illustrations. Also you have to search for what you want; as at the time I'm writing this, there's homepage preview of all icons or illustrations on the website.

Humanities Studio

This is a small batch of very cute hand drawn monochrome character illustrations. That's a long list of adjectives but you'll see why when you check it out. It's listed on Gumroad as a product and you can download for free.

SVG Doodles

You've probably guessed - yes this are SVG doodles albeit fun and really lovely. There are multiple styles for you to choose from. I love that you can preview all they have at once. The micro interactions are also delightful.

Open Stickers

By now you know I'm a sucker for library preview and hand drawn sticker illustrations. This website has both and more. The illustrations are largely simple with bright colours. If you're looking to add some playful elements to your designs, this is a good place to start.


Huge library, limited downloads. But if you're a broke ass looking for freebies, you probably know your way around that. I like that they have collections of styles, helping improve cohesion in your illustration elements.

By Monika Michalczyk

This is a shape illustration library. Yes, only shapes. But they're oh so good. The gradients? Stunning. And the website in general? Gorgeous.

Highlights Design

Library of doodles. Perfect for when you need quick hand drawn elements for your design. The download process is a bit tedious but... freebie innit?

Charco Design

This is noted as an icon resource but I'm including it in this list because the level of complexity of the icons qualify them as spot illustrations. Chunky, cute, thick lined and free for you to download on Gumroad. You can of course choose to pay the creators some token if your pocket and conscience allow.

Poke Illustrations

The illustrations here come in .psd and.png formats. They're hand drawn illustrations largely around space theme. Quite good for edgy designs. The link leads to a dropbox folder.

Glaze Stock

This website takes a while to load so be patient and you'll be rewarded with really lovely illustrations. An alternative for this which I use often is Freepik.

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