I create and design visual marketing collaterals for brands. These may be the in form of designs for decks, social media, brand identity development and so on. It may also be illustrations for websites, product launches e.t.c.


Depending on the complexity or context, each project I work on has a unique route to its completion. But, there are common steps that cut through all and I’ve listed them below.

Discovery – This is when I get all the details I can on the project; why, what, where, when, who is involved. It’s also the stage where expectations are set on all sides.

Research – Before I delve into research, I note or sketch down all the ideas I may have on execution. This helps me use research to refine them rather than erase them. 

Exploration – I start testing out the ideas I’ve gathered in the context of the project. Then I do the survival of the fittest thing.

Completion – This stage can be long or short depending on the feedback loop with all stakeholders involved in each project. 

I seek for feedback at all stages because it’s important that all involved in each project are on the same page. Also, multiple perspectives can serve to enhance the effectiveness of the outcome of  projects in some contexts.

In the creative industry? Okay I’ve worked as a Copywriter, Content Lead, Illustrator, Brand Designer and Art Director.

The context of these roles cuts across advertising, food, health, education, media and tech industries.

Monotony. It drives me nuts. Unfortunately it’s a necessary thing for development, sustainability and life in general. What I try do do is space it out so I don’t spend long periods doing monotonous work.

Make up scenarios in my head then get mad or excited depending on the turn of the scenes.

I support this with sating curiosities; people, fiction, shows, plants.

I used to have a cat nicknamed Fine Boy. He is very peculiar, intelligent and interesting. He also insists on the very best things while being simple and laidback. The illustration reminds me of these aspects of his personality. It also makes me smile.

Got more questions? hmmn, too bad