Open Foundry

This website has mostly serif fonts. I don't use it much because the options are pretty limited and I find the interface overwhelming.


There are a whole lot of fonts here, some pretty interesting ones too. I like how straightforward the download process is.

Curated by Elena

This is a collection of open source and free fonts curated by Elena Johnson on It's a really useful resource I recently came across. If you're working on a design that needs fonts with strong personality, you'll likely find some here.

All I Font For Christmas

I love love this website. As you can guess, when it comes to beautiful interfaces, I can be quite vain. It has some pretty good fonts and it's fun to use. And the copywriting???

Indestructible Type*

I found one of my favourite fonts, Besley, here. When you're looking for quality over quantity, it's here.

The League of Moveable Type

Interesting name, beautiful clutter-free interface, interesting font options, all free. I love it. There a few fonts here altogether but you'll likely find one you can use.

Lost Type

This is also one of relatively obscure free font resources I came across some years back. You'll find interesting options here.


You probably know about Fontshare but if you didn't, you're welcome. The design of the website and the fonts? Gorgeous. There are really lovely modernist fonts here.

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