Brand Identity Design

Anfaani, a holistic wellbeing brand for women, needed a rebrand that aptly represents their realigned values and outlook – a new face for their new phase. After a long, very interesting call with the founder, I decided to take on the project. 

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From my call with the founder, I had some idea what direction to go. But in creative work of this kind, your gut feeling must come with relevant evidence. I went digging for it.

First, I researched about the wellbeing space – what’s common, what’s acceptable, what appeals to the brand’s audience. I dallied between visual and textual research in this discovery phase, sketching as more and more ideas came pouring in.

Shot 1: Exploration. I refined some of the logo ideas in Illustrator and did a qualitative and quantitative research from people who fit the brand's audience. The blue bars represent strong yes from women. The stars are second opinions from same people. The options on the right came out top.
Shot 2: Main logo - wordmark with brand symbol. This is to be used in cases where the symbol remains legible. For favicons, app icons etc, the symbol alone is used
Shot 2a: Logo on black
Shot 2b: Logo on white
Shot 3: Brand symbol - named Clover of Love
Shot 4: Secondary logo

In creating the brand’s symbol (named Clover of Love), I considered references that speak to the brand’s African origins, mission, culture and audience. All these were combined in a shape made to be as simple and appealing as possible.

Shot 5: Symbol rationale

After the discovery phase for the logo, I proceeded with choosing colours and typography. Among the constraints I was working with were “no beige look” and “must be bold, warm and welcoming”. I tested a more saturated warm palette but this was rejected for being “too strong”. A review led to the accepted one below.

Shot 6: Primary colour palette
Shot 7: Secondary colour palette. This is largely for illustration use since the brand will be making use of illustrations a lot.

I had a very interesting time choosing the display font for the brand. It was by happenstance I found La Pontaise Champion. I requested a test file from the foundry and shared with the client who also got enthusiastic about it. It remains a favourite font till date. 

Shot 8: Typography

After the logo, typography and colours for the brand were decided, I created the brand manual and pitch deck which helped get some much needed funding.

Shot 9: Main pattern made up of the Clover in different sizes, both filled and outlined. It is designed to be playful and inconsistent in its composition to reference although everyone (the brand’s audience) is at different stages of growth but together, make a stunning picture of progress. It also references free-spiritedness, wellness, community, relaxation and fun.
Shot 10: Secondary patterns. These are more restrained and created with fabric design for the brand in mind.