Package Design, Brand design

They have been selling their drinks in Europe, but it was time to enter the Nigerian market which already has bitters [herbal drinks] running out its ears. Their audience? 18 years above.

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For such a wide range of audience, a common element is needed. And what is used by adults of all ages and types? Emojis. Even better, the emojis can be translated differently by different people. For the logo, I chose the water emoji which can mean a number of [delightful] things, all relevant to the benefits of the Beaumont Bitters drink.

Once the logo was cracked, the colour choices were easy. Beaumont Bitters brand is fun and easygoing, these colours reflect that. Shopping was also put into consideration; bright colours will get more attention on shop shelves and in fridges.‚Äč

Since the drink has different flavours, they needed to be differentiated clearly from each other. This threw open a lot of options which were quite tempting, but the guidance of the logo idea narrowed them down.

Emojis speak to what we are feeling at particular moments and this is what the label concept is based on; a Beaumont Bitters for every mood. With the use of copies I created, this was reinforced.

The choice of the package types was based on the consumer lifestyle. Many of the consumers are active; catching a bus, working out, working, taking a walk, at parties e.t.c and will require something on-the-go.

The look and feel of the website is made to compliment the product while passing across needed information, whether to shop or learn more about the product.