Brand Identity design

The idea of home-service healthcare in Ibadan seemed daunting, but Crestcare was willing to prove it can be done. To add to their credibility and get started on warming their way into the heart of their market, they reached out to request for a logo only. Their product offering deserved more than that, and that’s what they got.

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In developing the logo options, the brand’s industry [medicine], its audience [families] and its offerings were considered. Below are the top three options.

A smile because that’s what everyone has on their face and in their hearts when Crestcare takes care of their healthcare needs, anywhere they choose. The crest of a mountain because Crestcare users overcome the hurdle of long waits and longer bills the healthcare space in Ibadan is largely known for. The name, to remember the brand by. All these together are combined in the Crestcare logo.

The colours and fonts were chosen to reinforce the brand’s perception as welcoming, modern and capable. Roboto is the primary font used in majority of their communication online and offline.