Handbook Headers

Employee Handbook Illustrations

We needed to review our Employee Handbook at Paystack and I was asked to create a series of illustrations and icons for it. In total I created 23 illustrations and icons respectively.

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Since there was a lot of illustrations I had to complete in a very limited time, I didn’t spend much time on concept development. What I did was decide on the icon relevant for each Handbook page then expanded that into an illustration.

Process shots

At first I wanted to create the illustrations with thin lines. I had already settled on this but spent quite a while on the colours for the lines. Then I had the thought to thicken the lines and emphasize their character. Good decision. 

Shot 1: A screenshot of how the Adobe Illustrator workspace looks.
Shot 2: This was when I was testing colours and lines.
Shot 3: I was trying out shadows here, in hindsight I don't know why I thought this looked so bad.
Shot 4: I had figured out the background here, but was still unsatified with the illustration.