High Time

Package Design, Brand design

Sometime last year, I came across edibles and got fascinated. There and then, I decided to create a packaging design for an edible product when I had the time. It took months, but I did it.

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Rather than focus of the Sativa leaf as most edible products do on their packaging design, I decided to emphasize the effect of the product in a way that hints at what it can make the consumer feel. This is why I developed a hypnotic design which draws the eye and keeps it hooked.

The pack below was the first option but was rejected because while it looked luxurious as wanted, it did not quite capture the look I wanted. Also, it will be costlier to produce.

A series of testing and modifications later, I found a pack that works. It is degradable, can be seen easily on shop shelves, looks luxurious and presents the product better. I love the outcome.‚Äč

Process shots

I started with the design before searching for the package design style. This was because I intended the package to be a box, not a bag. As the design process progressed, I realised a bag will be better and still look as luxurious as I intended.

Shot 1: The first few spiral patterns I tried out. I discarded these because they were too distracting, not complimenting the pack.
Shot 2: Background design first try. I discarded it for a less distracting background.
Shot 3: Alternate background design, quickly put together for consideration then discarded.