App illustration

The brief was to create a series of illustrations for the LifeBank Donor App. No “generic or bland styles” please. I was given free reign over the concept development with the basic requirement being surprise them, positively of course. I did.

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First thing I did was research on concepts that will be simple yet accurately pass across the messages the client wants. There is a limit to how expansive app illustrations can be done and I took this into consideration as well. In the end, I broke down the concepts I developed into visuals and illustrated them.

Process shots

The central theme for the illustrations is uplifting/helping each other. Once Lifebank and I agreed on the colours and concept, I decided to try out texture on them. They look good but not practical so we discarded them. This project was how I learnt textured illustrations don’t do so well in apps.

Shots 1, 2 & 3: Alternate textured options