Paystack FM

Brand Identity Design

Paystack FM is an internal podcast that launched in February 2023, featuring informal interviews by (and for) members of the Paystack team. My initial task for this project was to create an identity and Slack assets template. I ended up managing the production, launch, and dissemination of the podcast, collaborating across multiple teams in and out of the company. One of the result of the branding was a mascot so beloved that when we created merch, it sold out fast!

Read more about how I created Chairman, the Paystack FM mascot, on the company’s blog here.

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One of the notes of the brief was that I don’t have to play within Paystack’s existing brand system – I was encouraged to create something completely different. 

In sketching my ideas, I took inspiration from Arrival, a movie whose shot designs I really like, sound waves, radio waves, ideation symbol, intellectual stimulation etc.

Then I saw a rooster and it sparked the memory of my dad’s morning ritual of listening to a radio programme with the song that goes “the cock crow at dawn”. In many African locales, cockcrows signify the start of a new day, a call to something fresh, something worth your attention. I sketched an idea around that too. 

Shot 1: Logo idea exploration -I put the sketches together on FigJam and asked team members to choose their favourites.
Shot 2: Top favourites

The favourite option was the rooster but it needed a lot of refinement. At that point, I was leaning more into a mascot direction, rather than a logo, as an opportunity to inject more life into the brand. After trying different orientations for the rooster, I tried out a three-quarter profile view and it worked perfectly.


Shot 3: Mascot and radio refinement
Shot 4: Colour refinement

Next was to decide on fonts and colours. I chose bold, playful colours that fit the mood of the mascot and selected TT Trailers font for its confident lines. It suited the mascot perfectly. 

Shot 5: Podcast introduction assets
Shot 5: Podcast introduction assets

After getting the basic elements of the brand identity, I worked with colleagues from Growth, Editorial, Revenue and of course Design to produce the episodes. We launched it on Slack and made it so that the mascot, Chairman, is the one who announced the new episode drops. People loved Chairman so much they wanted in on screens, on shirts, stickers and on their walls. We obliged.

Shot 6: Screensavers - I created full colour and monochrome after a survey showing people prefer both equally.

After the logo, typography and colours for the brand were decided, I created the brand manual and pitch deck which helped get some much needed funding.

Shot 7: Posters
Shot 8: Stickers
Shot 9: Screenshot of poster library
Shot 9a: Screenshot of poster library

This animation was created by my colleague Damilare Stark.

Shot 9: Screenshot of poster library