Web Illustration

Skybank requested for a landing page illustration along with four other illustrations for distribution, research, control and pilot school descriptions. The home page illustration must make people love the site, and it must also pass across the core message of the brand at first glance.

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The urgency of childbirth and the arrival of a Lifebank drone in time to aid the safe delivery is a strong, emotional message that many, especially the brand’s target audience, will connect with. It also captures the brand’s core offering perfectly.
I made the other illustrations deliberately simple since they were to be accompanied with explanations.

Process shots

The approved landing page illustration was the wildcard I threw in with the options and I was pleasantly surprised when the client went for it. My aim was to have the illustration hit hard on the first look and then subsequent study reveals the story behind it and how the brand plays a huge role in it. It worked.

Shot 1: Approved illustration sketch.
Shot 2: Alternate option 1. For this direction, the idea was to create a scene in an urban setting where the SkyBank drones are on their way across the sea to deliver the medical supplies needed. At first I drew an island at the far corner which sported a village but I had to remove that after considering the text placement that'll be put on the illustration.
Shot 3: Alternate option 2. The idea for this is to create a scene in a rural setting where a medical emergency is occurring and the SkyBank drones coming to the rescue. Since the client showed a preference for isometric illustrations, I decided to take that approach when it came to perspective. For this sketch [both line work and coloured, I used some resources from Freepik]