Sun and Country

 Sun and Country is a story-led guide to the Nigerian Civil War that explores how it began, how it played out on every side and how it continues to affect (especially) Nigerians today. 

My role: art direction, branding

This is my art portfolio and the second website I worked on this year (2023). It’s simple but I very much love it.

My role: art direction, web design

Origins: Yoruba

Origins: Yorùbá is a visual documentation of Yorùbá history. It’s an aggregation of research on the origin of Yorùbás, their migration, wars and settlements in a single timeline which will then be illustrated.

My role: art direction, branding, creative management


Vistanium is a collective– a bunch of people obsessed with telling compelling stories and making really really good stuff. 

It’s also a small laboratory to test out ideas and make stuff people love and ride with.

My role: art direction, branding, illustration